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Lao PDR has established the economy infrastructure that comprises an important role of programs and plans for developing sustainability such as roads, power, water, and telecommunications and so on. In that regard telecoms and communications works which is a key factor that encourages for other sectors of management improvement to effectively and efficiently, and supporting the expansion of tourism business and education development.

The tourism sector is a sector that generates income for Lao PDR since years ago, which has attracted more foreign visitors to Laos. In this connection, Internet service is a good way that can help Local people promoting the local product and culture to tourists

In this project, we will do research and analysis the way to provide Free WiFi Internet environment in public and tourism places in Lao P.D.R supported by Asia Pacific Telecom. This contributes to narrowing digital divide using WiFi technology for Free in the tourism and education sector

Hotspot Area

Hotspot List

# Province Place
1 Vientiane Wattay International Airport
2 Vientiane Hophakeaw
3 Vientiane NamPhou Park



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